What are the basic skills you need for scrapbooking?


A first timer in scrapbooker is possibly stunned with style choices and the product. As a beginner different questions will actually ring in your mind on what to pick, should you use a tape runner or a glue stick? Should you pick a 12 x 12 album, or 8.5 x 11? Should you print your photos online or develop them yourself? These are vital elements of scrapbooking. Besides there are some fundamental scrapbooking skills that one should focus on because they are quite useful. It will be probably good if you major on these three items before you start adhering photos in your pages.


Being perfectly organized is not something easy to achieve, but your spirit of remaining focused and consistent mindfulness can keep clutter at a bay. Actually there will be less to organize and store if you bring in what you will use and what you will love.


This is the art of trimming your exquisite pictures, cropping pictures may be something difficult and you won’t fell ease. Back then photos were expensive as compared to these days. To develop a roll of 36 picture our parents often paid 20$ and surprisingly half of the roll didn’t come out, nowadays this something cheap to do. Elements in your pictures are the most important and interesting thing that one needs to focus on when cropping his or her photos. Taking a paper trimmer to you picture should not be something to be afraid of, if you truly want your pictures to be attractive. Your photos can easily be fitted on your page if they are smaller and this will be an added bonus.

Making Decisions

In scrapbooking never doubt yourself at all when making a decision because there are no absolute rights or wrongs. Many scrapebookers agonize over decision they make on their pages and this something I hear openly. Should they use orange ribbon or red, or none at all? Do they choose the stripes or polka dots? Do they pick for two or just three pictures? Go for what is pleasing your eye. Mastering the art of decision making will make you a better scrapbooker and you will find it to be easy and interesting.


Taking action normally seems to be difficult when appointments, lists and ideas are spinning around in your head. It’s good to capture everything on paper and get yourself on the lane, this will stop the feeling of being pulled in a million different direction.


Sustaining focus for an entire year is something difficult for almost everyone, not to mention all the ebb. Therefore I advise you to break the year into seasons, with scheduled times every ninety days to pause. You will also be able to what you do and the reason why.


As a first timer I would advise you to experiment, make mistakes and explore. Ensure that your scrapbook is unique, it should not be similar like the ones in magazines, put in your own creation.

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